What should I do, to enjoy my personalized product for as long as possible?

In short: just take care of it.

Custom t-shirts
(in fact, those without personalization can benefit from the same treatment too)

A T-shirt customized by any technique (DTG, thermal transfer, screen printing, etc.) can withstand at least 2 years or at least 30 washes, until visible degradation occurs. Of course, if you follow the instructions below.

1. Always turn them inside out before putting them in the washing machine

This will prevent color degradation. You can do this not only with printed t-shirts, it is a good tip for jeans and the like.

2. Wash clothes grouped by color

Don't just separate "whites" from "colored". If possible, wash together clothes that have similar colors and structures. Avoid washing T-shirts together with jeans, which have staples and metal zippers - personalization can visibly degrade if rubbed by zippers.

3. Wash with (almost) cold water

When it comes to washing: cold = good, warm = bad. Unless you have really dirty clothes or they need disinfection, you don't have to wash them with hot water. Cold water (up to 30-40 ℃) not only washes as well, but does not affect at all the materials used for personalization, and it consumes much less electricity.

4. Do not use bleach

In fact, not only bleach, but any strong detergent or stain remover can dissolve the materials used in customization. A mild detergent is much better when it comes to custom t-shirts.

5. Avoid the dryer

No exceptions to this rule. You may save time, but they have a devastating effect on the product. Not only does it shrink, but personalization can exfoliate or crack. The dryer is good for linen and towels, but your favorite T-shirt should be dried traditionally. For the same reason, we do not recommend dry cleaning.

6. Let them to dry in the shade

When hanging them to dry, avoid direct contact with the sun. Light, especially sunlight, is quite dangerous for colors. It's not like wearing your T-shirt outdoors all day: you certainly don't sit in the same position for hours, with the sun beating directly on your T-shirt.

7. Avoid ironing

The intense heat will irreparably degrade the graphics, and, with a little bad luck, and iron too. If you need to iron, set the appliance to minimum power and turn it inside out.

Custom mugs

Our mugs are made to last.

Broadly speaking.

The mugs with white outer side can be used for at least 2 years, without visible degradation. During the sublimation process, which occurs at 180 - 200 ℃, the colors are caught in the glaze. For this reason, it also withstands the microwave or dishwasher.

But it does not hurt to take into account the following indications:

  • Wash it shortly after use; this prevents staining, especially from coffee and tea.
  • The mugs withstand washing in the dishwasher. But there they have a much harsher treatment than a hand wash. That is why we recommend that you wash them manually.
  • Never clean them using abrasive materials: wire sponges, abrasive chemicals. They will become matte, unevenly, and personalization will certainly be affected.

Mouse pads

We're glad you're still using mouse pads. Denotes that you are demanding and know the superior quality of the PC experience using a mouse pad.

The mouse pad, by its nature, over time becomes (very) dirty and unhealthy to use. A wash can make it look like new. But not just any washing.

  • Washing in the washing machine: use a short, light program with semi-cold water, and put it together with soft clothes only (not jeans, for example)
  • But if you really care about it, we recommend you the following:
    • fill the sink with warm water and mild detergent or hair shampoo
    • leave the mouse pad in the water for a few minutes
    • use a soft sponge to clean the printed surface; press harder only if the stains really do not come out
    • rinse the mouse pad with water until it shows no traces of detergent
    • let it dry for 24 hours.

And that's it! Done, you have a new mouse pad!